Psychodrama is a therapeutic methodology that involves the exploration of our past, present and future world through action. Psychodrama is used to explore an individual’s private and public world in a multi-dimensional way.  It is useful in helping an individual take back the power they have given to an inner critic, express unexpressed feelings, and to find and practice new ways to change unsatisfying situations in life.

Psychodrama engages the mind, body and spirit. The body speaks through sensations, images, and emotions. When we suspend our linear thinking, and engage in action we create a bridge for the mind-body. We can use our conscious, rational mind to explore our “felt sense” of our self.

The sacred space of psychodrama allows the healing reenactments of crucial or traumatic life experiences, the dramatization of internal or external conflicts (past and present), and the enactment of dreams for the future. The outcome of these techniques is the freeing of our innate spontaneity and creativity, which according to J.L. Moreno- the father of Psychodrama- is the cornerstone of healthy living.


Psychodrama can be used with individuals, couples and groups.